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52-Week Success Rhythm

A Better You, A Better Life, A Better Legacy

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ONE TIME OFFER ($15, BECOMING YOUR BEST: 12 PRINCIPLES BOOK): The best compliment to this program is the book Becoming Your Best: 12 Principles of Highly Effective People. Each principle applied in the success rhythm is covered thoroughly in the book: case studies, stories, ideas for application, and ideas for team use.

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What's Included:
  • Built-for-you, easy-to-use Process: No "logging-in" or "setting up"; you sign up, & you're set up. You get weekly and daily inspiration & insights delivered directly to you.
  • Sunday Kick-off: A kick-off message that reviews your focus principle for the week. You'll find inspiration, explanations, resources, and action items that help you easily focus and achieve real results during the week.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Inspiration: Inspirational quotes and thoughts relative to the weekly focus; these messages keep your weekly focus in sight and in mind so you easily stay on track and achieve results.
  • Wednesday Check-In: You receive a brief "mid-week check-in" to help you maintain focus, better apply your weekly principle, see results, & do what matters most.
  • Friday Debrief: Your weekly wrap-up includes a brief congratulatory and inspirational video and debrief. It feels good on Friday :) You'll love seeing your progress.
  • 52-Week Rhythm: Every quarter you'll focus on each of the 12 principles for 1 week. Every new quarter builds on what you learned in the previous quarter. At the end of the year (4 quarters), you'll have focused for a total of 4 weeks on each principle. You'll be a better person. You'll look back having fundamentally changed who you are. This is powerful, and you'll love the sense of accomplishment!
Payment Options:
  • ​Monthly or One-Time: We've made this easily available for everybody by simply pricing it at $3.96 a month (0.99/week). Alternatively, you can pay a one-time discounted price of $39 for the full year, or $59 for a full three years.
  • Cancel at Any Time: You can cancel at anytime, no obligations, no strings attached, no risk involved.
  • OUR GUARANTEE--Master the 12 Principles: You'll master the 12 principles of highly successful leaders and in so doing transform your leadership, relationships, health & longevity. You'll lead better, live more, love more, and achieve more. Guaranteed.

Julie Richardson

Thank you! I enjoy going to work! I enjoy the relationships with my team. I enjoy leading them. My health and family life has never been better too!"
Julie Richardson, 
President, Energy Efficiency Inc.

Doug Price

"I love that this isn't just a hack. I am genuinely a better person living a better life. It's so easy to follow too! Absolutely Invaluable." 
Doug Price
Regional Manager, Synergy Companies
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